Freeride Team Bulgaria Film Teaser

Check out the teaser of an upcoming video, about Freeride Team Bulgaria.

Perception Of Freedom

Perception Of Freedom was officialy selected for the Bansko Mountain Film Festival 2019.
The film is showing us around the ski and snowboard resorts in Bulgaria. Every resort has its own story by a specific person. A part of the film was also filmed in Germany and Austria, so it can be a comparison between bulgarian resorts and resorts in the Alps.
The film is also taking us to Mount Musala, which is the highest peak in Bulgaria.

Lost Vitosha Doc

A group of three DH riders show us around Vitosha Mountain, the home mountain for people from Sofia and explain about the problems in the mountain. There is no working lift in the summer on this mountain and it brings a lot of pollution problem in the mountains and also is taking away the freedom from the young people.

Don’t be indifferent!

The short film is also shot in Vitosha mountain Bulgaria and it is showing us another problem in the mountain. Paths are filled with fallen trees and a group of volunteers go on a mission to clean the paths for the tourists.

Repair of the lift on Mount Musala

The short film is showing us another mission in the bulgarian mountains. The lift on Mount Musala is very important, but its rope has fallen, so a couple of alpinists go on a mission to repair it.